Lynn has made a career as a Medical Intuitive to assist others in improving their health including animals.  She has worked on horses, dogs, cats, a wolf, a wild boar, several parrots and an entire herd of cattle!  She has been called a Medical Intuitive on Steroids!  This intuition also assists her practice as an Equine Massage Therapist (EqMT) with her keen ability to identify problem areas and resolve them.  Your horse will be in good hands as Lynn has a very different connection and bond with the equine community.  She owns 2 horses and participates in APHA and Pinto riding events as well as in training for Barrel Racing!

Bear Smith of BJ Ranch & Cattle Company who has been a Trainer & Breeder for well over 30 years has this to say about Lynn:

“ Lynn has an almost paranormal relationship/intuition with horses, it is nothing like I have ever seen before!”

Sarah A, from FL has this to say about the Remote Body Channel work:   “I called Lynn in for assistance with a horse that had been sick with colitis and required 24 x 7 attention.  I had to call and ask what time she started work because at that moment the horse got up and went to her hay for the first time in days!   I was astonished!”

Why a Medical Intuitive?:

Lynn energetically dives into bodies remotely or on-site and the bodies talk to her showing her areas of dis-ease and dis-harmony AND the means to change it while in there!!    When the standard Western Medical Model doesn’t fit your lifestyle or meet your needs, try a medical intuitive.  Lynn can dive in and give you information from your body that Western Medicine may not be able to find.

*Has the Doctor been unable to find anything wrong with you or your horse?

*Have you been given a diagnosis with no cure, treatment plan or pain relief?  

*Are you looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals and intrusive testing?

Lynn offers MP3s and Private Health Sessions to provide a holistic alternative for those who seek energy medicine to aid their health.   She is also available for Telesummit Interviews, Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews and Television Appearances.

Over the past few years, Lynn has served clients in over 171 countries, appeared on a large number of internet-based telesummits and radio shows as well as several publications.  She hosted her own alternative health-based radio show for 2 years, holds international events and makes regular appearances on the most preeminent telesummits.  As the Creator of “The Body Channel LLC”, Lynn loves connecting with her Body Channel Community whether it be her vast following on Social Media or on her Live calls featured on LynnWaldrop.com.   Click here to learn more…