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    Welcome to Equine Sound Therapy & Massage – where our target is to raise the bar for the health and well-being for your Equine Athlete and Friend!  We will blog about the latest in Equine Therapies & News for equine peak performance.   We look forward to serving you!

    Why Sound Therapy & Massage?

     Giving barrel racers and other horses that compete in timed events The Treatment They Deserve can pay off for both you and your horse.

    Any athlete will perform better when his or her muscles are relaxed, joints are pain free, everything is in alignment and full range of motion is restored. It is true with humans, and I believe, it’s true with horses.

    You don’t just send the pitcher home after a major league baseball game. The team’s trainers will work with him to relieve any soreness or tension and prepare him for his next outing. We should do the same for our competitive horses.

    Just like a human, a horse’s muscles will continue to tighten over time, reducing stride and range of motion. When you release stress and tension in the muscle, the horse performs better. This allows the horse to perform better than his competitors, and who doesn’t want that?

    From the perspective of improving performance through bodywork, anatomically speaking the equine body can be divided into three key junctions: the poll (where the neck meets the head) the shoulder/withers junction (where the forelegs join the body), and the sacroiliac junction (where the hind limbs join the body). Tension accumulation in these key performance-related areas can manifest itself in numerous ways, including head shyness, sensitivity to touch in the poll area, flexion stiffness, bending issues, one-sidedness (pulling or fading to one side), uneven gait, lameness and even behavioral problems.

    Performance Horse Digest, Page 42

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    From CymaEquine.com

    A breakthrough in sound therapy, the AMI™1000 is programmed with “commutations” (harmonious combinations of five frequencies) to treat a variety of imbalances and injuries.

    Many well-constructed medical studies in Europe, Asia and the United States have proven that oscillating magnetic fields are effective in treating physical problems. The combination of sound and magnetic therapy—two powerful and natural healing agents in the field of bioresonance and vibrational medicine—enhance results.

    Bioresonance therapy has been tested and approved throughout Europe and Canada, and currently used in 55 countries worldwide. In Germany, where it was developed, bioresonance therapy has been in use for over 25 years.

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